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Objects intended for children to play with, but in practice, generally used as a love substitute. They breed, and make parents yell at their kids.

The Problem of the Good Luck Doll

I’ve had this doll for a while. A client (I don’t remember who) told me that she (I think it was a she) had been given the doll for good luck a while back. She thought it was Egyptian. She … Continue reading

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The Geekiest Donation Box Ever

I have many clients who are geeks. They self-identify this way. I have been called a geek, too, and that may be true. I do go to science-fiction conventions, and can quote many Monty Python sketches by heart. So it’s … Continue reading

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This Little Piggy Ate Another Little Piggy

This pig I also found at the rummage sale for my mom’s church. My first thought was that it had eaten the little pig, but then I figured no toy manufacturer would be pushing cannibalism, even among food livestock. So … Continue reading

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Everyone Loves a Clown

Items like this are the reason some people have clown phobias. This paint-by-number kit came from a home clean-out in Billerica, the same origin as the scary eyeless bunny. It came complete with ancient, dried up, never used oil paints. The … Continue reading

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Ith thumbthing thpecial!

I found this game among a couple of boxes of donations that a Belmont client had given me to take away. When I emailed her for permission, she denied ever having owned the game. Poor memory? Denial? Or a blatant … Continue reading

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Scary Bunny Wants Your Soul

I gave this darling ceramic bank to my daughter as a joke Chanukah present, grime and all. She actually started to pretend to like it before I told her it was a joke. She was quite relieved, and immediately went … Continue reading

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