Ith thumbthing thpecial!

Thumb Thing

Guaranteed five minutes of entertainment!

I found this game among a couple of boxes of donations that a Belmont client had given me to take away. When I emailed her for permission, she denied ever having owned the game. Poor memory? Denial? Or a blatant self-protecting lie?

I have taken two videos so you can see the game in action.

If anyone would like it, it’s up for grabs.

About findyourfloor

Jen Hunter is a professional organizer and loves finding weird stuff.
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2 Responses to Ith thumbthing thpecial!

  1. rabbit says:

    Now i feel slightly less odd about my plasticized dead fish pin. Thank you.

  2. Sue Katz says:

    Reminds me my dad (dead) – he was a champ at thumb trapping.

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