This Little Piggy Ate Another Little Piggy

This pig I also found at the rummage sale for my mom’s church.


You know what your problem is - You're so transparent.

My first thought was that it had eaten the little pig, but then I figured no toy manufacturer would be pushing cannibalism, even among food livestock. So my guess is that it must be pregnant. But since it seems to be geared toward the preschool set, that’s apt to bring on a lot of awkward questions.

The label says “Waterbellies ‘N Beans.” Okay, waterbellies makes sense (although the water had almost all evaporated by the time this little piggy went to the rummage sale). But beans? Where is there a bean? Is the little piggy fetus meant to be the bean?

Wouldn’t it be cool if amniotic fluid was full of glitter?

About findyourfloor

Jen Hunter is a professional organizer and loves finding weird stuff.
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4 Responses to This Little Piggy Ate Another Little Piggy

  1. Sue Katz says:

    It is slightly disturbing. I immediately thought one of the right-wing anti-abortion dolls.

  2. Oh my.. why would someone make that?

    P.S. I like your blog. It’s very unique and interesting!

  3. This was so bizarre to me that I had to Google “Waterbellies beans” There are so many of them!!!! They are described as: Bean bag animals with snow globes safely tucked inside. Horrifically fantastic.

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