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Gimme Some Sugar

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a woodland creature bleeding from the eyes. This video features my lovely assistant Ilana. This sugar dispenser was given to my client by her mother-in-law. It features a holly motif painted over some bulges … Continue reading

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Sweeney Beard

I’m sure James Beard was a lovely fellow and a great chef. So I can’t understand why the people of Cuisinart would choose to use this bone-chilling photo of him as a cover for their 1976 cookbook. I realize they … Continue reading

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Tongs for Nothing, Part II

Here is another pair of mystery tongs. They’re stainless steel, much shinier than they appear in this lame-ass photo, and actually kind of pretty, almost an art object. They came from Newton (a different client than the last post). The … Continue reading

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Tongs for Nothing

My client had no idea where these tongs came from, much less what they were meant to be used for. They were discovered in a kitchen drawer in Newton, MA, and have since been passed along to the Vietnam Vets, … Continue reading

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Hey Baby; What’s Shakin’?

This special set of salt-and-pepper shakers turned up today during a closet cleanout in Cambridge, MA. The client said it had been a housewarming gift from his college buddies when he got his first place of his own. His wife … Continue reading

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How about a nice hot cup of warthog spit?

I found this charming teapot while on an initial organizing consult in Winchester. I asked if I could photograph it for my blog, and the client said, “Better than that; you can have it. I don’t want it anymore.” I … Continue reading

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