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Like a Hallmark Card from on High

This came from a client’s home in Newton. It has pressed flowers in it, and the kind of gold lettering that’s usually reserved for labeling mailboxes. When I first saw it, I thought it meant, “Happy birthday, Jesus!” But then … Continue reading

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Tongs for Nothing, Part II

Here is another pair of mystery tongs. They’re stainless steel, much shinier than they appear in this lame-ass photo, and actually kind of pretty, almost an art object. They came from Newton (a different client than the last post). The … Continue reading

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This delightful creature turned up in Newton, in a client’s basement. I said, “Hey, I’d like to shoot that for my blog,” and the client said, “I’ll do you one better than that; you can have it.” I protested weakly, … Continue reading

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More Useless Labels!

These photos were submitted by “a friend who prefers not to be identified.”┬áThere is a hint in the label of the first one, as the box contains collectible playing cards. The most amusing part about this box is my impression … Continue reading

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