More Useless Labels!

These photos were submitted by “a friend who prefers not to be identified.” There is a hint in the label of the first one, as the box contains collectible playing cards.

Later! As in, some time that's not now.

What could it be, to be "truly miscellaneous?" I'm guessing a dried squid, a Gimbel's credit card, and someone's X-Ray.

The most amusing part about this box is my impression that my anonymous friend has not touched it since photographing it for me. Keep waiting, and eventually the box will be filled with precious antiques!

About findyourfloor

Jen Hunter is a professional organizer and loves finding weird stuff.
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1 Response to More Useless Labels!

  1. Martha says:

    The fact that those labels are legible, and that someone bothered to write them in the first place, is better than some of my boxes have fared.

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