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Aruba Is for…. Uh, What Is This, Actually?

Sometimes I will find an item at a client’s house and I will need a moment to consider whether it is truly weird enough to warrant an entry on this blog. Other times, it’s as crystal-clear as the waters of … Continue reading

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Tongs for Nothing, Part II

Here is another pair of mystery tongs. They’re stainless steel, much shinier than they appear in this lame-ass photo, and actually kind of pretty, almost an art object. They came from Newton (a different client than the last post). The … Continue reading

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More Useless Labels!

These photos were submitted by “a friend who prefers not to be identified.”┬áThere is a hint in the label of the first one, as the box contains collectible playing cards. The most amusing part about this box is my impression … Continue reading

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Labels are Magic!

I think we organizers shout so much about how YOU MUST LABEL EVERYTHING OMG that we’ve inadvertently given the impression that writing a word on a piece of paper or sticker and slapping it on a box or bin magically … Continue reading

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Taking a bite out of clutter (and “I organize dead people!”)

I found these plaster tooth casts in a small drawer in the client’s front entryway. You never know when you’ll have to dash out the door to an emergency orthodontist appointment. I suggested arranging them on the windowsill as an … Continue reading

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Little balloon alien guy says hi.

Adorable or scary? Or both? This fellow turned up in Arlington, MA. He went calmly to his end in the trash. Bye bye, guy.

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