The Geekiest Donation Box Ever

I have many clients who are geeks. They self-identify this way. I have been called a geek, too, and that may be true. I do go to science-fiction conventions, and can quote many Monty Python sketches by heart. So it’s with nothing but affection that I present to you, this, the geekiest donation box ever.

When geeks downsize.

Included in this box from Arlington were the following objects:

  • An animatronic Furby-like Yoda that was sort of working until it inexplicably stopped. And I’d wanted to post a video, too!
  • An R2D2 desktop supply holder (it had little drawers for paper clips and stuff)
  • A toy light saber
  • A bust of William Shakespeare
  • Several comic books
  • A crushed velvet box (for keeping one’s roleplaying miniatures in, perhaps)
  • Maybe more things that my feeble mind can’t recall (it was a few months ago)

Everything got donated except for the broken Yoda, who went to the trash compactor on the Death Star, and the R2D2 who went to my ex-husband because my eleven-year-old thought that would make an awesome gift.

About findyourfloor

Jen Hunter is a professional organizer and loves finding weird stuff.
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