Move over Cathy and Heathcliff; now there’s Linda and Henry

This booklet turned up while I was organizing in Cambridge.


Not tonight, Henry. I have a toothache.

It seems to be what passes in Africa for english-language pornography, or maybe romance. I can’t bring myself to read the entire thing to find out.

Who needs typesetting? This is hot stuff.

You can click on the image to read the text, but no need. You’re really not missing anything.

My favorite thing by far is the back cover:

All the sugar mummies, all the sugar mummies.

Power of Love; okay. Hot Love; fine. The Sex Doctor; kind of ’70s, but sure. Sugar Mummies Fight over Handsome Guy… wait, what? Oh, I guess they’re supposed to be like sugar daddies. I thought it was some kind of racy horror story.

The client has two more like this, and he’s keeping all of them. Wouldn’t you?

About findyourfloor

Jen Hunter is a professional organizer and loves finding weird stuff.
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2 Responses to Move over Cathy and Heathcliff; now there’s Linda and Henry

  1. Sue Katz says:

    Linda seems so, well, strategic about things. Makes sense to me! Great finds. Keep them coming.

  2. John P. Buryiak says:

    I hear “Sugar Mummies Fight over Handsome Guy” is going to be a major motion picture in 2014 ;^)

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