Hey Baby; What’s Shakin’?


I just... I really can't think of what to say.

This special set of salt-and-pepper shakers turned up today during a closet cleanout in Cambridge, MA. The client said it had been a housewarming gift from his college buddies when he got his first place of his own. His wife let him keep the fraternity beer stein, but he didn’t even try to justify this one.

It’s up for grabs, if anyone wants it. This lovely piece has been shipped off to Georgia.

I should mention that both boobs come off, for ease of use, and it says “Newport, Rhode Island” on the belly.  It’s about six inches long.

About findyourfloor

Jen Hunter is a professional organizer and loves finding weird stuff.
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2 Responses to Hey Baby; What’s Shakin’?

  1. Chip says:

    Oh my goodness. That is the personification of bad taste. I must have it! Email me, please, and let’s discuss!!!!!!!

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